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How to Video Marketing DIY video Production Services


how to video marketing-1-1We can put a video of your business on the web this week!

We will create a one minute online video showcasing your business, telling potential customers what you offer, where you can be found, and how and why to contact you. 

After creation, your online video will be uploaded to YouTube and other web video sharing sites, and you will be provided a master copy which can be added to your web site and facebook page.

Youtube Video Marketing Services by an Official YouTube partner meaning.

The YouTube Partner Program provides creators with more resources, more exposure and other benefits, we can promote your video on our channel; terms and conditions apply.

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Video Marketing Services

Opening online marketing video production for your presentation tells your customers that you are serious about your business and gives a good impression about you and your services. Opening video up to 8-15 seconds includes video and sound effects, all we need to complete this work is 3 phrases that you’d like to add to your intro and your logo.

Click here to Contact us. Below you can see examples of the work that we do and ideas what your video will look like. Please note every video production can be customised to your business needs and prices start from only £65. All the videos showing below have different prices and production costs please Contact us first if you prefer your video to be different from the pre-selected themes and templates available. Click here to see our pre-produced marketing themes.


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Pre-selected themes price does not include uploading to our YouTube channel.

The intro shows an example of a call to action video in a friendly manner leaving the viewer intrigued to check out your website or blog to see what’s on offer. A great Video Bumpers can be used as a stand alone intro for traffic generation.

Above we have a video bumper used to let your viewers know what they are about to see in the video; great for attention grabbing and letting the viewer know that what he is looking for will be shown at some point during the video. It can also be used to offer a service, very effective for video marketing.

This video is for branding purposes only, using the company logo and customer reviews showing viewers how satisfied the current users of products and services are.

Promoting local events and charities, this type of video promotion can be done beforehand as well as on the day of the event or fundraiser.

Amongst our customers, these are the most requested online marketing video tools due to simplicity and how to use your website. Just like any high street shop we walk into, staff usually come up to you and ask ‘How can I help you?’ Online is no different, and this video can be used to guide your customer from point A to point B, showing you have cared enough to create a video to assist them.

This video marketing tool can also be used to tell your subscribers about a new page or product etc. By now you should know these days it’s all about video. It gives a personal touch to your interaction with your potential customers.

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