Traffic Express Timer click 10 ads Daily


Click your 10 ads per day to make sure you are qualified for the revenue share.


Clicking your 10 ads every 24 hours will make sure that you don’t stop earning.

The best practice to make sure that your timer doesn’t stop is to click 10 ads in the morning and 10 ads at the end of the day, before you go to bed.

If you need more time, or the next clicking time set by the system isn’t good for you, you can manipulate your clicking time by clicking 10 ads again.

Remember, for every time you click your ads, your timer goes back from 24 hours from the last time you clicked.

For example, once you’ve log in to Traffic Express, you see the system letting you know that you must click at least 4 ads before the timer runs out. If you do click the recommended 4 ads, the timer will readjust itself and extend your clicking time, from the last time you clicked.

The best way to get the best results with your ad clicking is to log in at different times of the day and make your own plan and eventually you will get how the system manages the time every time you click your 10 ads.

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