Traffic Express Marketing Live Training – Day One


Traffic Express Marketing Live Training
– Day One – webinar by Jose Nunes.

This webinar will be going over the basics for the absolute new beginner to get started and begin to generate traffic as a traffic broker, or lead generator or media manager, whatever you want to call yourself in online traffic expertise, it is entirely up to you.

Today, you will be learning how to monetize the traffic you buy from traffic exchanges in general, not just Traffic Express itself.

To get started is absolutely free, you can open your account now at: and follow along.

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Important facts:

You will discover through this marketing training tutorial how to avoid the pitfalls of the revenue share market today, that causes these sites to shut down and simply disappear.

The number 1 reason is that the majority of the people using these websites do not do so because of advertising, in fact most of them don’t even know how to set up a simple advert and in this first webinar we will cover the following:

  1. Banner URLS – the link with the image for your advert.
  2. Destination URLS – the link you will be using to monetize your traffic.
  3. Where to find products to promote which are already selling.
  4. How to avoid getting robbed by product vendors.

After this webinar, you will be guaranteed to know exactly how to monetize the traffic that you will be buying at Traffic Express and make money quicker instead of waiting 50-60 days to try and make a non-guaranteed return of $50-$55.

Instead, you can simply monetize your traffic and make as much as $500 in commissions per sale as explained in the webinar.

This is our first webinar, remember to subscribe to the next one, by simply becoming a free member of or by subscribing to our webinar training page.

See you next week!

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