Top 5 most influential YouTube channels for video marketing….


Top 5 most influential YouTube channels for video marketing…

You are the #4 most influential on YT for video marketing
You are the #4 most influential on YT for video marketing

When I got this email from YouTube ranking my YouTube channel in the top  4 most influential YouTube channels for video marketing 2013-2014-2015, it was once again just further proof that I know what I’m doing by simply investing in people,  by showing them not what worked yesterday or what can happen in 6 to 12 months time, but what’s working right now, what is trending right now as you read through this article.

You see, the internet age is not much different from the real world really, the only difference is the speed with which marketing content such as images, videos and articles are seen, spreading the word in the  internet world. Check out the picture from the e-mail I got from YouTube giving me the great news, and yes, I know some people will spread hate about me bragging about my achievements, but the truth is there will always be people out there that feel jealous about others’ success but they’re never jealous about how hard you’ve worked and challenges you went through before getting rewarded.

Oh, by the way, when I say hard work, I mean if you’ve never had anything like having a job from  8 to 5 like myself,  I’m a certified tiler and carpenter and so internet marketing for me is easier than a walk in the park specially when you get taught by someone that teaches  you exactly what he’s doing to get the rewards instead of telling you how to promote rubbish or clickbank affiliate BS where the only one getting rewarded is the vendor and clickbank itself.

In fact, when you show someone you know a product that you’ve been brainwashed to believe is brilliant, and you show to your wife, your closest friends  etc,  they look at you like you are some sort of idiot who’s been taken for a ride. And guess what? Deep down you know it too, you just don’t want to admit defeat and accept the facts. You know the ones I’m talking about and it’s time to face reality.

Are you ready for the reality?

The reality is  there are literally millions of products that most people need or want to buy right now and the only obstacle between them and product is know how to and the disposable money needed to buy it.

And just for the record this has nothing to do with rich quick schemes, MLM, Click-bank, cold calling, long idiotic sales letters, e-mail spam and anything else you’ve probably come across before, in fact you just have to remind them that they want this product or whether there is a better alternative option.

You’re still wondering what I’m talking about? Well, video marketing is just one way to achieve this.

The short  blueprint.

  1. You will need traffic and lots  of it and step 2 will supplement step 1 to get more traffic.
  2. You will need fame (not the film!).  In other words to build up a reputation, to  enhance your own creditability. ( Use Video )
  3. You will also need products which  don’t require you to force them down the throats of everyone you come into contact with.
  4. The most important of the steps here, is to get coached by someone who is doing exactly that.

How to get started?

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