10 Ads Pay – Scam or Legit Business?


10 Ads Pay review and advertising site layout.


After purchasing one advertising pack for $50, I was convinced I was not getting what I paid for, this is my first experience with the site and admin.

Very little can be found about the person running the site, and so first impressions and actions are not very good and raise concerns when admins close tickets on reply without resolving the issue.

Good admins won’t close tickets without making sure that the customers are 100 per cent satisfied and properly served.

This is the first video, we will wait to see what the next course of action from the admin of the 10 Ads Pay will be. After I reopened the ticket, once again and re-expressed my concerns, the copy of this video was e-mailed to him and I am now awaiting a reply.

Remember, a mistake does  not become a mistake, until a man refuses to correct it. And this issue is easily fixable.

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